• Epicentre Site Design

    As we start the new development of Epicentre building, we want to keep our neighbors and constituents involved in the conversation. This week, we would like to present our site & landscaping design. This includes the design of the lot, entrance and landscaping for our primary entrance off of Atlanta […]

  • Art & Architecture

    We are happy to announce that James Kilman of Kiman Designs will be leading the way with our architectural plan. James and his team have been a strong part of the architecture community in Tulsa for over 30 yrs and work on some great projects both civil and commercial. Stay […]

  • Need it Fast?

    One thing that the modern business man or woman can’t do without is a good internet connection. We understand! We like to Email, VOIP, Blog, and play games when the boss isn’t looking as much as the next guy. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with EasyTel to provide our […]

  • Prolific Creative Agency

    Epicentre is proud to announce the launch of their new website. This new site, along with a whole host of incredible marketing materials is provided by one of our future tenants, Prolific Creative Agency. As one of Tulsa’s progressive advertising agencies, Prolific works with small businesses all over the Tulsa […]

  • It’s Coming…

    Small business owners rejoice! A new unique opportunity is coming to Midtown Tulsa… The Epicentre will be Tulsa’s first shared workspace environment available to all business owners and independent professionals. Prices and terms are reasonable and amenities are incredible! Limited spaces are available in the one-of-a-kind building, so contact us […]

  • Why Cherry Street District

    As most local professionals know, the Cherry Street District continues to grow. It is quickly becoming a staple in the Tulsa business landscape competitive with other trending districts including Brookside, Brady and others! As this area of town continues to grow and consumer traffic continues to increase, the need for […]