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Communal shared property management

Community Shared Leasing

Shared, Community, & Communal Commercial Leasing

Epicentre is proud to help pioneer a unique commercial usage we call: Community Use. True to its name, we help under-utilized facilities reach new tenant potential by building a community of smaller tenants. This form of communal leasing is tailored to appeal to and support creative & innovative entrepreneurs who are looking for a formal commercial office or retail space, but can not afford a larger, traditional lease.

The Communal Leasing Concept

We understand that the commercial market today is vastly changing. Small business needs are more dynamic than ever before. In response, prospective tenants are looking for more creative space usage and dynamic leasing options. We recognize that ‘change’ sounds alot like ‘risk’ to many property owners and investors, but we see creative planning as a means to think outside the box with your properties use and leasing in order to accomplish two goals: Increase demand by opening properties to more potential qualified tenants AND increase cash flow by reducing property downtime, increasing occupancy and maximizing rent values.