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Epicentre Property Management Tulsa Ok

About Epicentre

Tulsa Property Development & Management

Epicentre is a property development & management company passionate about the revitalization of Tulsa. With a unique focus on property & asset planning, property development and marketing, Epicentre provides it’s clients with unique concepts for optimizing the use of their properties and return on their investments.

Property Management

We have the resources and experience to manage a wide range of properties and uses from traditional commercial to multi-family units. Our process for property marketing and managing helps ensure better occupancy and tenant satisfaction, which trends a natural increase in rent rates over time.

Property Development

‘Old’, ‘Mature’, ‘historic’… We love revitalizing aging properties. Our development focus is centered firmly on property reclamation & historic restoration. Through our talented team of planners, architects, and contractors, we help create new visions and bring new life to despairing buildings.